Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team
About Team Members
Randy rides a 2009 Goldwing, the last Goldwings built in the USA. He was on the Space Coast Wings drill team when they won the National Championship in 1985, LT on the Central Florida Motorcyle Drill Team when they won the 2005 International Drill Team Federation's World Motorcycle Drill Team Championship. Randy was the GWRRA International Director of Drill Teams for three years and current co-sponsor of the Drill Team training segment of the Montevallo Meltdown held in Alabama. 
In his spare time he is a Realtor, an MSF Rider Coach, Sponsor and coordinator for the Port St. Johns Christmas parade for the past 26 years, on the Leadership Team of Relay for Life - Port St. John and nationally ranked at long range handgun competition.
Randy Rodriguez
Lieutenant Ted, also known as “Diesel” to his close friends, is an original member of the championship team and a past Captain of the Orlando Harley Davidson Drill Team. A Drill Team rider for over 13 years, Ted is one of our “Callers”, who call specific drills or maneuvers for the team like our incredibly dangerous, “side saddle routine”. Trained by Smitty and Randy in his early years, he enjoys the technical side of riding and creating exciting performances for the crowds. Ted’s current ride is a 2015 FLTRUSE and he has several hundred thousand miles in the saddle. Most but not all, wheels side down!  
Ted Knight
Rance “Smitty” Smith is considered by many to be one of the finest motorcycle riders in the country. A drill team rider for nearly 30 years, he volunteers his time to many organizations for training days and is well known in the industry. His experience is invaluable. Smitty is the primary “caller” for the team and along with Randy and Ted, provides the connection to our historical beginnings. Often referred too as bi-confused, he owns both a Honda Goldwing and a Harley Davidson and rotates back and forth between the bikes. Smitty is happily married, (finally) and provides the comic relief for the team.
Rance "Smitty" Smith
Marc, also known as "Rotorhead" rides a 2011 Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited. He has been riding with Drill Teams for over 10 years. Rotorhead is also one of the members responsible for creating and implementing some of the hair raising, jaw dropping drills for the Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team. So, the next time your at one of the shows go ahead and say "Hi" to him and the rest of the team. They would appreciate it
Marc Bartnick
Dennis was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, but lived in Florida most of his life. He is 61 years old and enjoys riding his motorcycle. He loves the sun and open road. He has been riding with Drill Teams for 10 years now. It has increased his riding skills 100 percent and enjoys riding with the best Drill Team in the world. He owns 4 Harleys Ultra Classics and a Honda 1800 Gold Wing. Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team has some of the best Drill Team Riders in the world and he is proud to a part of it. 

Dennis Stamey
John Rowley
Reno Birt started his Drill Team experience in 2006. Now, the retired Command Sergeant Major from the US Army spends his time teaching others the joy of riding. Our most decorated member, Reno is a MSF Rider Coach, Harley Davidson Rider Coach, MSF Qualified Assurance Specialist and the National Director of Police Motorcycle competition. Reno is a “trainer of trainers.” In other words, he travels the country teaching Instructors the newest updates in motorcycle safety. In his spare time, he helps organize motorcycle competitions around the country.
Reno Birt
Caesar Sosa
Dickie has been riding motorcycles off and on for the past 40 years. After retirement, he had little time to ride, as he was a self-employed over the road truck driver. But when in town he would come up and watch the team practice from across the street. He was talked into going over and talking to the riders. Little by little they convinced him to give it a try. He started as a trainee in 2012 and came to practice when he was not on the road. It was up to Dickie to learn the skills and practice every chance he could to make the team. Dickie was voted on the team in 2013 as a senior rider after many hours of practice. Dickie has become a more confident rider both with himself and the ability of his motorcycle. He travels with the drill team every chance he gets.
Temporary out for Medical  issues
Dickie Curry
John has been riding motorcycle for many years and has been with the Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team since 2012. He came to the drill team with very little slow riding and precision riding ability and skills, but had a lot of determination. With hours and hours of practice and participating in many Parking Lot Practices (Gold Wing and Harley) He learned about the friction control, head and eye placement, all necessary skills for the precise control needed to ride alongside another rider who is only inches away. Now he teaches these skills at Parking Lot Practice and works with new team riders who are learning our sport. He also leads the routines we train riders with to help them learn the turns and maneuvers we use to create the routines. He owns multiple motorcycles and rides often for fun and travels with the drill team. "YOUR riding ability is only limited to your dedication Ride safe, ride often."
John Simmons
Jay Cusimano
Married to Janice Fisher. They have five children, which are all grown with the youngest being 32 years old. Originally from Columbus, Ohio the moved to Dayton, Ohio and working in the design department of Ponderosa Headquarters for sixteen years. Moved to Central Florida, Deltona area and have worked for Cuhaci & Peterson Architects for seventeen years, specializing in restaurants, drug stores, retail and other commercial design. He has plans to retire the end of April 2016 at the age of 70. Anticipating traveling full time in their recently purchased motor couch. He traded in his prized Goldwing for the motor couch and had to retired from riding with the drill team. His hobby has been video since they came out with the home versions 32 years ago. He remains active with the drill team doing videos of shows or what ever else he can do to help out. It's still in his blood, and just too much fun.
Jerry Fisher
Dave started riding mini bikes and dirt bikes when he was about nine years old. He has had more bikes then he can remember since then. He currently rides to and from work and averages about 25.000 miles a year. He and his wife enjoy riding backcountry roads that they have never ridden before. He joined the Drill Team in January and hasn't looked back since.
Dave Rosselot
Mark Owens
Jason Fontaine
George Schifter 
Calvin Thomas