Central Florida Motorcycle Drill Team
 Team Members 
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Randy Rodriguez
Ted Knight
Rance "Smitty" Smith
Marc Bartnick
Dennis Stamey
Trudy Travers
Steve Travers
Reno Birt
Temporarily Out For Medical Issues
Caesar Sosa
Dickie Curry
John Simmons
Jay Cusimano
Jerry Fisher
Dave Rosselot
Mark Owen
Retired Members 
Jimmie Newel  
Original Captian
Keith Wynsma
Greg Fisk
Jorge  Fernandez
Rodney Novak
Mike Prybrun
John Ward
Wayne Desjardins
Larry Derryberry
Mark Madden
David Dwyer
Mike Jennings
Mike Tomarazzo
Jimmie Newell
Jim Cornell
Tom Fitzpatrick
Hall Of Fame Members
Bob Brayton